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We'll contribute towards the cost of the sale of your property and assist you throughout the process.


Our Assisted Move Scheme has been designed to provide you with our own expert in-house sales and legal services. We're here to help you make a quick and stress free move. 

House Purchase

The advantages of our Assisted Move Scheme

When buying at Rose Farm Residential Park, we will assist you to make the sale process as simple and stress free as possible... and give you a financial boost!

You are free to choose any Estate Agent or internet specialist sales agent much like you would do when selling a property. We do not get involved in this sales process, but are here to assist you when a purchaser is found. Please note, any commission payments would still need to be paid to your appointed agent.

Once a purchaser has been found and you are ready to proceed, we then take over the administration and co-ordination to enable a smooth and trouble free sale of your property. We engage our legal services to manage and communicate with all parties relating to the sale.

As part of our Assisted Move Scheme, we also offer up to £5000.00 to help towards any legal fees or Sales Agent Fees.

Why consider Assisted Move?

Expert Services

Our in-house sales and legal teams are always here to offer advice and will communicate with all parties, ensuring everyone is up to date and fully informed of the position of your sale.

Up to £5000 Financial Incentive

There are costs to incur when purchasing and selling a home like Estate Agent's fees and Legal Fees. We are able to make a contribution of up to £5000.00 to help with these financial costs.

Legal Services

We take over all co-ordination of the sale of your property using our specialist legal services. Our fully experienced legal department have many year's experience dealing with the sale of properties and particularly the purchasing of a park home.

No Additional Charges

Unlike when purchasing a bricks and mortar home, park homes do not attract any Stamp Duty and there is no requirement to obtain a Survey.

Peace of mind

We work for you to ensure a smooth and stress free sale. We will always report back to you with progress of the sale and purchase of your new home.


Some questions answered about Assisted Move

If you are thinking of buying at Rose Farm Residential Park and would like to find out more about our Assisted Move Scheme, please contact us for an initial discussion.
Call us on 01493 800612.

Some questions answered about Assisted Move

No, as it is to cover agent and legal fees.

The 2 appointed agents will do this.

Yes, this can be applied.

No, it is Assisted Move.

You will receive cash only on completion. If the purchase completes prior then you must cover the cost, which we will reimburse or take off the final selling price on completion.

These are taken from the final completion costs, must be our solicitor and agent to charge 1% fee. 
If customer does not complete on purchasing one of our homes we can not pay these costs.

Yes, but will be subject to offer, i.e if we have a deal on a home, but must complete in 4 weeks, this will likely need to be a cash purchase only, so will automatically stop anyone from going through an agent, but possibly a solicitor depending how fast they work.

See above.

You will be required to use our chosen solicitor. W can go with your chosen agent subject to their charges being 1% however we will only pay up to a maximum of £5k on both. 

If you have already sold and paid for these fees, then we cannot reimburse you for this, only if you have a property to sell. You would then pay a deposit for your chosen home, then on completion these funds are taken from the final selling price.
Your house house sells for £400k
Park home is £300k
Agent fees and legal fees are £5k
You will get cash in the bank £105k as we will cover the agent and legal fees.

As an example assuming a sale price £300k
Agent fees at 1% is £2,800
Legal fees are £1200
Total contribution is £4k

Up to £5k on the agent and Legal fees, doesnt include taxes or duties.

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